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Woop Woop, Guess Who Talked To Jon Gabriel?

28 Jul

I’ve never had a famous person to actually opt to ring ME on my home phone.

A few weeks ago I sent Jon Gabriel an email over his ‘askjon’ section of his website. Knowing that he readily gives out his email address and phone number all the time I didn’t really expect a response or anything as he probably gets inundated with questions and that all the time.

Well, I was wrong.

I got an email from his very friendly and helpful admin lady saying that Jon would like my number and a day and time that it would be good to ring me because he thought it would be easier to talk to me rather than respond by email.

Say what?!

To be completely honest I almost fell off my chair when I read the email. Seriously. Haha.

So with baited breath we set up a date and time and I waited.

He rang about a month or so ago but I feel now is a good time to share because I’ve had time to ponder over it.


When the phone rang I kind of froze up – ring ring ring

Oh shit, it’s Jon Gabriel. How should I answer the phone??!!

A bit ridiculous I know, but I mean come on! What would you do if a famous person was ringing you.


After he asked for me *cough OMG* Jon Gabriel introduced himself and he asked how HE could help ME.

To save you from all the details that I’m overly tempted to write – I’ll sum up our convo and a couple of the on the side questions that I asked.

We started the convo off by me telling him about how and when my weight-gain started and what I think it was that caused it. I explained to him how I had contracted asthma (an illness I have NEVER EVER had in my life) from a filthy, mould infested frost bucket of a flat last year and all the stresses that went along with that. Jon pondered over it and concluded that the asthma had a large part to play in turning some FAT programs on. He told me that I should avoid wheat based products and that I should also be getting right on into those probiotics.

Me, on the other end of the phone – I’m like nodding and mmmm-ing and aaaaa-ing and ‘yes Jon-ing’. Shameful I know, I sound like a groupie but it’s not like that….. really it’s not. Hahaha.

He also asked me how old I was. Obviously, I’m not going to disclose that precious info over the world wide web – but I’m a somewhat spring chicken, we’ll say that. Jon asked how much weight I was looking to loose and concluded that as I am so youthful it should come off a lot quicker and easier with my body bouncing back.

Relieved much?!

As a side question I asked him if he had any stretch marks and if mine would ever shrink or maybe (in a ideal world) go away. Jon referred back my fountain of youth and said that yes he had some stretch marks still but they had shrunk and faded and that my own would do the same.


I also reasoned that I thought some emotional obesity issues were there from about the year before that. So Jon took me through a visualisation. If any of you have ever listened to his blog talk radio show he’s done this visualisation with a couple of people on there.

He asked me to imagine my ideal body. I’m walking down the street and I’m being noticed by people. People are also noticing that I’m good looking! (I embellished that somewhat but you get the gist of it). Jon asked me how that all felt – I said that it felt damn good and that I was enjoying it. He also asked me if it felt uncomfortable at all – to me it didn’t at all. I was rather enjoying the attention from my imaginary onlookers.

I think this was to ascertain whether or not I felt comfortable and was ready to take the next step and was not being held back by anything.

A final question I asked Jon Gabriel was whether or not he thought there was a ‘limit to visualisation’.

I asked that question in the sense that visualisation could do almost anything for you. That, if done enough you could take to where you truly wanted it to go. Jon responded thoughtfully about it and said that the visualisation is like a muscle – and the more you work the muscle the better and stronger it gets. Conclusively, no – there was no limit for what visualisation could do for you.

At random parts of the conversation when we were discussing my emotional obesity issues (after stumbling over my words a couple of times) I attempted to ask random questions in between. To my astonishment however, Jon politely yet firmly asked me if we could continue sorting through my issues first then we could chat about my other questions. He wanted to help me first!

My first though was “Wow, you do care!”. I was truly blown away by his kind nature and his genuine concern about me and my issues. Jon Gabriel really does sound like that soft spoken man from the radio show and the cd’s – but he also really does care.

All awe aside, I thought Jon Gabriel was a genuinely nice man with an incredible talent for listening and a aptitude for helping others.

I’m very grateful for his phone call and now that I’ve posted it to my blog I think I’m going to actively do the things that he suggested for me to do.

Thank-you Jon Gabriel for your phone call and for everybody else – watch this space!


Plotting Along Like A Wildebeest Thats Soon To Be A Puma

22 Jun

I’m having a pretty chill time at the moment.

As per the title of this post – I’m plotting along biding my time, taking things as it comes and giving myself some time. If you can imagine a wildebeest grazing near a lush watering hole with an abundant amount of food, family and love then thats me right now…

I’m drinking from the watering hole of abundance and boy am I enjoying it.

One might say, that I was one happy wildebeest.

So far on my journey on the Gabriel Method I’m discovering some pretty positive things, some funny things, some not so funny things, some interesting things and a whole lot of other… things.

On that note of discovering ‘things’ – I was speaking to my sister about the blog and she said that some of my posts get a tad on the heavies when it gets to the deep and meaningful, so for your guys sake I’ll keep my Confucius-like thoughts to a minimum on this one.

The Thinker - Shall We Ponder?

Not too sure on the count of days I’ve been doing the Gabriel Method but I’ll list the things that have ‘happened’ to me whilst on it. The, shall we call it, motions that I have gone through to get me at the point I’m feeling now. Feel free to comment on anything if you feel the need.

1.) Dumping the drop kicks of the food family.

Though not to begin with, as it took some amount of time, patience and impressive visualisation – I no longer have an appetite for takeaways and certain types of normally consumed junk food. I go to buy a certain infamous combo meal from a certain infamous burger restaurant (which unfortunately is almost across the road from my house) and it leaves me with a disgusting during and lingering after-taste.

I now shiver to even tango with the thought of eating it.

It also gives me unsightly bowl motions that I will not comment on.

Not to dwell on this too much but as I can picture my friends and family reading this and going – “Whatever Skyebro – your the Queen of takeaways, your not going to give it up”. To them I say – My loved ones, though you may not believe me and your reasons for doing so may be set from years of my fast food loving – I beseech you to open your minds a little. I must also inform you that I have parted ways with my friends – the Colonel, Mr Ronald M, and the chap known as The King. We had a good run, but alas it was a unhealthy relationship.

I also have an uncanny new sense of taste when it comes to eating certain carbo loaded ‘bad’ food.

Ever tried chewing cardboard and paper with a dry tongue? Mhmm. Yum. Not.

It may not have happened to you yet but as Jon says its like weaning yourself off it. Don’t force it – just let it happen.

2.) I am worthy, I am worthy, I am worthy.

I have, for any less of the word – been visualising the shit out myself. Not in the literal sense but in terms of doing it quite often.

Those 3 amazing words can do absolute wonders when you tack whatever you want to the end of it. I am worthy of a beautiful body, I am worthy of happiness, I am worthy of good grades – its whatever YOU want. When your listening to the cd at night say it in your head as Jon is talking and see it aswel. Do this often and you will be happily surprised on what comes your way.

3.) The Mac Daddy of listening.

I have been attempting to be something like a Roman augur – minus the entrails and stabbing. Interpret what your body is trying so desperately to mime to you. If you eat something not so good and then you get bad bowl motions later – its a message. Try to think of it as your body saying – “Don’t feed me that crap again, or you’ll get more where this came from”. Listen. Interpret. Go with it. I have been trying to listen and so far, so good.

4.) Fish in a tablet

Supplements are my friend. They can be yours too. The book suggests OMEGA 3’s for a reason. Read and refresh and consume. I find that it makes for healthy hair and probably a lot of other healthy things going on, on the inside.

5.) Hey Beyonce, I’ll have your body with a side of booty thanks

Viiiiisssssuuuuuuuuaaaaalise. Doooo iiiiit. Beliefs, as Jon Gabriel said – are powerful things. See the body that you want – be in that body – that body is yours! Personally I’m rocking to the Beyonce body of my dreams and damn I look so good. Jon says it helps if you can imagine a situation where your in that body and you can feel, see, touch, smell and hear the whole situation. Make it real and your body will get the picture (apoligies for the pun) soon enough.

6.) Be like the great deluge and consume that water

Drink water. You know you want to. Drink a glass before each meal. Lots at night-time and at least a couple in the mornings.

I’m doing all the above and though AGAIN I have not checked the scales to see if I have lost weight – what I do know is that my eating habits are changing and I’m craving food that I didn’t think I ever eat willingly and that I’m also not so stressed anymore and I’m thinking  a lot more positively.

For those of you who are on the Gabriel Method I’m interested to hear whats happening with you and for those of you not on it – have a read of my other posts and you might get the inspiration to go out and read the book.

For the moment, I’m quite happy being the solitary wildebeest but sometime soon I’m sure I’ll be the puma.

Time To Chillax – Recap For The Newbies

17 Jun

So I decided to do a lil recap for all the homeboys that are new to the Gabriel Method and may have just recently stumbled across the goodness that is this blog.

So Skyebro what are doing exactly?

Well! Funny you should ask that. I am doing something called the Gabriel Method

Is that like a diet?

Oh bless you – no it’s not a diet. In fact, I have vowed never to another diet again in my ENTIRE life!

Wow that’s pretty intense – you must have a banging body for you not to need to diet EVER.

Erm.. well yes and no. Admittedly, the body I have in mind is ‘banging’ but I haven’t quite got it yet. It’s a work in progress you know.

Shouldn’t you be on a diet then if your ah.. a big girl?

Well no actually, thats the thing about doing the Gabriel Method. Its a method and the method itself works on the premise that for some reason your body wants to be fat because it thinks that it needs to keep you safe. Until you work out whatever it is that is making you fat and turning on your FAT switches then your body is actually going to MAKE you stay fat until it sees fit to change that.

That’s a bit weird Skyebro. Even for you.

Is not! ANYWAY… so in terms of it not being a ‘diet’ it means that what I’m doing is nothing like a conventional diet. Diets mean starvation, draining and painful exercise, not being able to eat this and that and then eventually upping the fitness game all the time to attempt to maintain the weight you have lost. It also means the impending threat of weight-gain. How many times have you lost weight doing some harsh diet and then when you fall of the wagon so does all the weight loss. You’ve not only put ALL the weight back on but you’ve put MORE on.


Ohhhh yea, done that a few times. Who made this ‘method’ up anyway? Have they lost weight?

Whoa! Who's the skinny guy?

Yes, yes they have. The person who invented the Gabriel Method is a guy named Jon Gabriel. If you have a look at the picture you can see him at the beginning. He was about 186KG! Jon lost 103 kilograms (225 pounds) and he now looks like the skinny guy on the far right.

Shit! That dudes pretty ripped. No loose skin even! What do you have to do exactly?

Read the book. Listen to the night time visualization cd/mp3. Work out whats making your FAT switches turn on. Add live food to your meals. Boost up on the OMEGA 3’s. And a few other things…

You wanna communicate to your body that its aaaaal good in the hood. Your safe. Your secure. The daily grind ain’t chipping away at your sanity.

You wanna change your set point. You want your body to WANT to be thin. When it WANTS to be thin, its all over. The skinnyness comes to you and you don’t have to traumatize your body with stink diets.

I’m getting excited now! How long does it take to loose weight?

Slow your horses there wee one – calm yourself! You need to understand its not a ‘quick fix’ make me skinny in 20 days diet. It’s a ‘lets solve the problem forever and never be fat again’ method.

No more diets.




I am more than just intrigued – what does this book look like? Does he have a website?

Another Book Cover for the Gabriel Method

If you kindly divert your eyes to the right you will see two book covers for the Gabriel Method.

His website is: http://www.gabrielmethod.com.au the link is also down on the sidebar of the blog here to the far right.

I suggest when you start that you also participate in the forums on his website. They are full of very loving, supportive people who are also doing the Gabriel Method. Post your queries and your thoughts and your bound to have some helpful person direct you in the right direction.

Will you be here Skyebro?? I want to know how your going and, and, and what if I want to ask you questions or comment how I’m going – can I do that??

Of course. I will be here feel free to come back to me ole’ blog anytime you want. Leave me comments and I will do my best to reply and help out wherever I can.

Sweet! I’m out – off to the bookstore now. Laters!

Goodluck 🙂

The Virtue of Patience – Oh How I Implore Thee To Be Swift

15 Jun

What I have discovered – is that I am not one of the ‘quick’ ones.

If you have not already, I suggest you go to the forums and meet and greet with some of the lovely supportive people there. Not only are they doing the same thing you’re doing – but they are also sharing in their experiences aswell. I highly suggest it.

Whilst on my journey through the throngs of the forum I have met some people who have almost instantaneous results with the Gabriel Method. They have applied the principles, wrestled with the ugly, booted out the negative and have starting to become that uber thin person buried under the fat.

Cheers to them I say. Jolly good show.

That quick path however is not for me.

It’s also not for a lot of people either.

If we go back to Jon Gabriel it actually took him a whole two years before he hit that ripped toned body that he currently inhabits. He too started off very slowly and had periods of weight loss until closer to the end when the fat pretty much jumped off his body and ran for the hills.

My mother keeps asking me that same question – Have you lost weight? Have you lost weight? HAVE YOU LOST WEIGHT? To be honest I have not checked the scales and I do not intend to as of yet. Seemingly no matter how many times I attempt to explain to everyone that its NOT A DIET THAT YOU LOOSE 20 POUNDS IN 20 DAYS sort of thing they automatically think – Ohk cool, but you’ve still lost weight right – because its a weight loss diet thing isn’t it??

I’m going to lay it down for ya’ll gently ok…





That means you do not do OR even have the same mentality as a diet

Perhaps I have not lost weight as of yet – but I have the utmost faith in myself that I will and that I will also look like the Beyonce in my mind because dayum she is FINE!

I say it and I believe it.

Consciously and subconsciously.


Phew. Breathe. Pause. Restart.

It’s cool people, I’m fine, I’m positive – no need to worry.

Let us continue…..

I have accepted that I am not one of the quick ones and you know what? It’s ‘sweet as’ and its fine! I am a unique and one of a kind body so obviously things are going to happen for me a little differently then everyone else. It’s a matter of giving yourself time as well.

Apply the principals, deal with what you gotta deal with and dreeeeeam, meditate, visualise your skinny self into reality – hallelujah!

Have a little faith in yourself my good people. You can do it.

As an avid watcher of Glee – one of my favourite episodes is the Madonna episode. I was casually surfing the net for some of her quotes and whoa damn she’s got some good ones. Besides her more explicit (haha) quotes she has many empowering words to share. My favourite is:

I am my own work of art

I am my own masterpiece

It’s very very true. When it comes to the visualisations its seriously all up to you. If you can imagine your perfect ideal self and you do it on a daily basis and you believe it – I am very sure that it manifest itself into a reality. Be that work of art. Be that one of a find masterpiece. I know I am!

On that note I must excuse myself to sleep – there are night time meditations to be done.

Ciao x

Just Stop Eating So Much! Pft – Why Don’t You Just Not Breathe.

15 Jun

I got one of ‘those’ looks the other day.

You know ‘that’ look.

It’s the – ‘WHOA DAMN BABY you walk through the door and then your ass follows soon after’ sort of look.


It’s usually followed by that look of ‘wow she needs to go for a run’ and that rude whisper commenting on how much room you take up.

It’s almost like the comments my father used to make to my sister in his attempts to motivate her to loose weight.

She would be going to sit in the car and dad would loudly and rudely comment – “Shit! Did you feel that? The whole car went down?”. Followed by the hurt cries from my sister – “Daaaaaaad! Your so mean”.

Later on in the day my father would randomly grunt and comment on the fact that my sister better loose some weight or she’d “have a bloody heart-attack”. Such loving comments from our father. Though in his heart of heart I’m sure he was ‘attempting’ to help but it probably just manifested in the wrong way!

It also does not help that he is a ‘naturally’ thin and taut person. He just has to think about cutting down on the old bread and whoosh! Skinnyness! Not fair not fair I know. However, in saying that I don’t really see any reason why, for example my father’s body would want to be fat. He is a very confident person, very sure of himself and I’m not sure whether he holds onto stuff at all?

He has three children (including me) that seem to barrage him for money to fix all of our cars, look after us left right and centre and and top of that he is a VERY hard worker. You have to admire my Dad – he’s like the polynesian Aladdin. Minus the magic lamp mind you because he pretty much makes his own fortune. He works extremely hard and one would think that the stresses of having three children, a wife, a cat and lots of bills, and a job that requires alot of attention would drive a man to fatness.

Truth of the matter is – it doesn’t. There are only a select few things that I myself know about that would stress Dad out, one of which is if something or someone scratched his Audi. Fair enough.

Perhaps Dad could offer me a lesson in not ‘sweating the small stuff’ so often. I daresay he is the master of that and perhaps the skinnyness could come as a just reward.


Sharing Is Caring. Spreading the Good Word My Peeps

11 Jun

This weekend I had the joy of spreading the good word.

I find it hopeful and somewhat refreshing when I can share the Gabriel Method with someone new.

Albeit, they are usually quite skeptical to begin with and I mean who wouldn’t be if you told them they could loose weight without dieting or having to starve themselves.

Come on, it sounded a bit too good to be true to you didn’t it?

But regardless, the old GM is the light at the end of the tunnell. I’ve done my fair share of dieting fads as I’m sure you have aswel but its nice to be able share something with friends and family that could potentially make them happpier and helathy people.

I mean, why not?

Yeah sure the first question that they ask you is; How much weight have you lost? But just do what I did and tell them that

a.) Haven’t you heaps of different diets before?

b.) Why not try this one

c.) What have you got to loose? Oh, yes thats right – weight.

I go so far to let them borrow my book and then I direct them to where to download the night-time meditation cd.

Easy, painless and free.

Then of course I direct them to my blog so they can find some backup and also see how someon else is going. It’s a comfort knowing sometimes that no, you are not the only one.

I have to say though – listening to those night time meditation cd’s sure have made me have a different outlook on things. Laquisha and I were having a chat about ‘what problems do I have in my life at the moment’ and I found myself thinking….. well I don’t really have any?

Sure I have bills and there are things that just happen on the daily grind but nothing really big enough for me to moan about as such? How odd… Though, within all fairness I did say my issue was being fat.

Wow Skyebro, you don’t say

Yeah yeah shaddup.

I have a question though? How powerful is the power of visualisation?

I have heard very positve things about it and what it can do for you (obviously) but you know is there a scale?

I want to know if I can visualise myself thin and some people can visualise themselves beating terminal illness then can people visualise stretch marks dissapearing? As appealing and heart breaking it is – I reeeeeaaaaally don’t think I’ll be heading to the beach in my bikini when I do get skinny if my body looks like its been through the wars. Wow how many children has SHE had – I haven’t had any!

At the moment it’ll be like ‘Return of The Great Blue Whale’ or some shit. Children will point to me and say to their mothers – I didn’t know we had whales on this beach?

Did Jon have stretch marks? Because he was pretty damn sizeable before he got ripped.

Hmmm… the power of thought. I will go to the forums and query this thought.

On a last note though – if you get the oppurtunity spread the good word 🙂

What An Odd Attitude You Have?? All The Better To Appreciate You With.

3 Jun

My most sincerest apoligies for my absence of late.

I have been forced to experience the Gabriel Method from the comfort of my bed as I have caught a cold that my partner has most lovingly passed onto me,

However, I have still been religiously taking my suppliments and listening to the night-time meditation cd.


On that note, it brings me to a very odd sensation I’ve been having lately…

If any of you have the night-time meditation mp3s or cd and have actaully listened to the entire thing without falling asleep (thats supposed to happen by the way) have you actually had a good listen to what Jon says at the end?

Nothing bad of course, but he does say in the book if that you fall asleep it doesn’t matter because his words are still being taking into your subconscious.

I don’t know about you – but just to be safe, I tried to have a listen when I wasn’t going to sleep just to double check my subconscious wasn’t getting convinced that chicken dancing and Australia winning the rugby world cup was a good idea.

Also because lately I have been strangely…… appreciative, grateful and openly positive?!?

No seriously – positivity has been flowing out of me like the Nile River in flood season.

I don’t feel stressed like I used to, I don’t get up-tight quickly, I don’t even flip the bird to bad drivers that pull out in front of me! I enjoy my new job so much that I was disappointed that I couldn’t stay LONGER!

Ooooohk someones been smoking the devils lettuce…

I haven’t (and never will for that matter).

Now when potentially stressful things arise – I feel myself looking at the situation as if I’m on the outside looking inside a small fish bowl and I think “Oh? Is that all it is? Meh!”. I’ve even been known to crack funny’s at such situations.

What, pray tell, has happened to you??

Well, I think it might actually be the meditation cd.

Yes. The meditation cd.

If you’d like to see what I mean, here’s some of my favorite excerpts…

…you are happier and more fulfilled in every aspect of your life

…you are safe and life is safe, now and always will be

These last 3 (especially the second to last I hope) are pretty much ‘where its at’ these days for me.

…you are now emotionally more positive, you radiate appreciation, gratitude, and love – for the gift of life and for everyone and everything in your life.

…you are emotionally lighter so you are physically lighter

life is now easier…. life is easier day by day

Life is getting easier.

Though there are some situations that call for the ‘serious card’ – emotionally, I still feel lighter!

I hope for those of you who are doing the Gabriel Method that you too are experiencing the same sort of positive shift in your life. It’s a great feeling and it really does make you feel somewhat lighter.

It’s nice to also know that Jon is only speaking good things into our ears at night-time, though I never really doubted that anyway.

Until next time my sweets, I must return to the land of nod and regain the ability to breathe through both nostrils.

Sleep easy.